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Crooked And Crowded Teeth Are Not The Problem.
They Are Symptoms Of The Problem.

What If Expansion Isn’t Enough For Optimal Airway Health?

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What If Expansion Isn't Enough To Solve The Real Problem?

Successful “airway orthodontic” treatment should give the tongue enough room to rest in the FRONT OF THE MOUTH where it belongs NOT in the BACK OF THE THROAT where it doesn’t belong.

In order to open the airway as much as possible, the top jaw needs to be brought forward then the lower jaw needs to be advanced to meet the upper jaw. If we don’t advance the jaws forward in the face, the airway won’t open as much as it should.

Advancement of both jaws gives the tongue room to rest in the front of the mouth so that the airway can be optimized and the jaws can develop properly.

There are many techniques for both children and adults that help develop the jaws forward in the face.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

I was extremely impressed by the level of care that Dr. Bieneman gave to my daughter. He spent an hour with us prior to her tongue tie release procedure explaining the process, why it is important and to set her fears at ease. He was patient and made us feel that she was the only patient on his schedule that day. He is also excellent with kids. – Stephanie Chancy


Besides great care, the one thing that always strikes me at Integrative is how personable everyone is. They remember small details about myself and family- making it feel like I’m chatting with friends. They know who I am when I walk in and when I leave. The new facility is beautiful and calming, and I’ve never had a better teeth cleaning! – Anna Krasin


What Does Orthodontics Have To Do With Breathing And Sleeping

Parents are learning that there is much more to orthodontics than simply straightening teeth. They are becoming more aware of how important airway health is for their children.

“Airway Orthodontics” is an exciting new way of looking at how the development of teeth, jaws & face affect overall health and wellbeing. “Airway Orthodontic” techniques attempt to address the underlying problems of a small airway & under developed jaws while simultaneously correcting the most visible symptoms of underdevelopment…usually crowded and crooked teeth.

What Does Orthodontics Have To Do With The Tongue And Airway?

What Most Parents Don't Know

Most parents don’t know that baby teeth should have plenty of space between them and that permanent teeth should have plenty of space to grow in. When space between baby teeth is limited, there is most likely trouble brewing. Baby teeth that touch or permanent teeth that are crooked & crowded are almost always signs that the jaws are not developing properly.

Underdeveloped jaws can crowd the airway, leaving it smaller than it should be. Children (and adults) with compromised airways are more likely to have undetected breathing problems and are less likely to get rejuvenative sleep. Children who don’t breathe and sleep well are more likely to suffer from: failure to thrive syndrome, cavities, red or swollen gums, snoring & poor sleep, ADD/ADHD like symptoms, bed wetting, behavioral problems, under performance in school and other developmental challenges.

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