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Can Airway Orthodontics Enhance
My Family's Health In Any Way ?

What Is Airway Orthodontics?

Airway Orthodontics is a dental treatment that looks beyond surface dental care to address underlying health issues that may be affecting your health and impairing your breathing and sleep.

Airway Orthodontics is not just focused on improving the jawline, repairing crooked teeth and achieving the obvious aesthetic results; it uses non-surgical procedures to open up the airway and also helps to positively influence, improve, achieve, maintain and/or protect facial growth for children, especially at an early age, so that they can grow confident about their looks and live an optimally productive life.

Adult Airway Orthodontics

Our specialized focus on adult airway orthodontics has helped many of our clients discover the underlying health issues.

Kids Airway Orthodontics

By identifying problems early in life, we can help your children live a better life and eliminate health issues in the future.

Our orthodontic techniques

Biobloc Orthotropics
Pre-formed aligners
Saggital Appliances

More About Airway Orthodontics:


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