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The ALF Appliance - A Viable Alternative to Orthotropics®?

There are many appliances and techniques that promote proper facial development.  Our experience with Orthotropics® has taught us that it is the gold standard of facial growth guidance.  But, what if Orthotropics® isn’t a good fit for your child and/or your family? 

If you are interested in airway focused orthodontic treatment for your child and Orthotropics® isn’t a viable option, the ALF appliance may be a good choice.  

But, before you make a decision on any appliance or technique for your child, these are the important questions that you should be asking.

  • Will any permanent teeth need to be extracted? The answer should ALWAYS be no. Faces & airways can and should be developed to accommodate all of the permanent teeth.
  • Will the treatment include expansion of the arches? The answer should be yes. The distance between your child’s first molars should be 38-44mm at the completion of treatment.  
  • How will you be advancing the upper and lower jaws forward in the face?  (We do not believe in retracting teeth or using treatment techniques that pull the jaws back in the face).
  • Will my child need myofunctional therapy? Think of myofunctional therapy as physical therapy for the tongue, jaws and face.  It can dramatically increase the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment.

We do not believe that there is one size fits all approach to airway focused orthodontics. We have not seen a single technique that is appropriate for every patient.  Every child and every case is unique. 

We employ a variety of techniques in our practice and customize our approach to the needs of each child we treat.

For more information about the Alf Appliance or to set an appointment to discuss your situation, contact us at 303.797.0832.

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