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Dental Crowns & Bridges

What are Crowns and Bridges?

In short, they are a solution for weak, misshapen and missing teeth.  

CROWNS:  A crown, or cap, is a restorative structure placed on weak, damaged, or misshapen teeth to protect them against further damage. Believe it or not there are many different materials and designs used to make crowns. We will guide you toward the best choice for your unique situation.   

BRIDGES:  Bridges, like crowns, protect teeth from damage while, at the same time, filling in a gap between two teeth.  A bridge is 3 or more crowns made as one piece that is cemented in your mouth.  This means that bridges essentially bridge the gap between teeth regardless of whether only one is missing or multiple teeth are missing.

Are Dental Bridges and Crowns Noticeable?

All dental crowns and bridges are created to match the color, height, texture, and appearance of your teeth. This makes them a natural solution to replace diminishing or weak teeth. When they are designed and applied properly, bridges not only look and feel natural, but can last many years.

For more information about crowns & bridges or to set an appointment to discuss your situation, contact us at 303.797.0832.

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