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We Suggest Composite Fillings


Unfortunately, cavities are a part of life for many people. Regardless of age or oral hygiene habits, cavities can happen. What you need to know is that all fillings are NOT created equal.

The Natural, Advanced Solution for Tooth Fillings

Composite fillings are safe, durable biomaterials that closely resemble natural teeth in both look and feel. Composites have largely replaced traditional metal fillings.

Compatible With Sealants – Sealants are used to prevent decay and because composite fillings are compatible with sealants, your dentist can use both to keep your smile looking great. 

Bonds to Teeth

While other fillings simply fill in your teeth, tooth colored fillings bond to your teeth. This prevents further breakage and protects teeth from temperature changes.

Contact Our Team to Discuss Whether or Not Composite Fillings are the Right Choice for Your Needs

There are several types of fillings that can be used to treat cavities, all of which Dr. Bieneman and the team at Integrative Dental of Denver can discuss with you to determine which is best for your needs.

For more information about tooth colored fillings or to set up your consultation with Dr. Bieneman to discuss your unique situation and needs, contact our team at 303.797.0832.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss whether or not composite fillings are the right option for your oral health!

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For more information about tooth colored fillings or to set an appointment to discuss your situation, contact us at 303.797.0832.