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Airway Focused Treatment Principles

12 Guiding Principles for Airway Focused Treatment

The orthodontic profession is dominated by strong personalities, seductive advertising campaigns and bold claims from hundreds of appliance & device manufacturers.  At Integrative Dental of Denver, we have chosen to stay out of the personality charged debates, and instead, FOCUS on a set of principles that guide all of our orthodontic treatment recommendations. 

  1. A beautiful smile should ALWAYS be the most visible result of orthodontic treatment but NEVER the primary goal.
  2. We do not recommend traditional orthodontic techniques that include the extraction and/or retraction of permanent teeth.
  3. The mouth and teeth have a direct affect on the jaw joints (TMJ) and airway which, in turn, have an impact on the health and development of the entire body.  
  4. The 3 tenets of proper oral posture – tongue to the roof of the mouth, nasal breathing & lips sealed at rest – make up the foundation of proper facial growth and healthy airway development.
  5. Tongue ties and mouth breathing are the two largest culprits of poor oral posture which can lead to improper facial development, sub-optimal airway health and sleep/breathing disorders.
  6. Treating early – as young as 4 years of age – allows us to use less invasive, more holistic techniques that often can be gentler in the short term and more effective in the long term.
  7. Myofunctional therapy is an under utilized and highly effective adjunct to orthodontic treatment.
  8. Previous orthodontic treatment that included extraction and/or retraction of permanent teeth can (and in many cases should) be reversed.
  9. Popping and clicking of the jaw joints is not normal and should never occur.
  10. TMJ related pain is not normal and should never occur.
  11. Snoring is not normal and should never occur.  
  12. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is an under diagnosed and under treated condition that can lead to a lower quality of life and shorter life span.

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