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All About Braces at Integrative Dental

When it comes to dentistry, function and cosmetics are always connected. Our mission at Integrative Dental Littleton Colorado is to help our patients optimize their smile and improve their overall health. One way in which we achieve this integration of function and aesthetics is with the use of braces and clear aligners for the purpose of teeth straightening. 

Braces at Integrative Dental

Looking For Braces in Littleton?

Dr. Bieneman and Dr. Wecker elect to use braces for various reasons, including poorly aligned jaws, crooked teeth, crowded jaws or misaligned bites. Regardless of the cause – traumatic injury, childhood thumb-sucking, genetics etc. – braces are a reliable option with guaranteed results.

Braces for kids are usually the best option because children’s facial structures are still developing and malleable between the ages of 7 and 14; however, teeth straightening can be achieved at any age. Our dentists specialize in the unique anatomy of the adult mouth and have had overwhelming success using braces to create that “perfect smile” for our adult patients.

We believe that straight teeth and a beautiful smile should be the SECONDARY outcome of a successful orthodontic treatment. Many of our adult orthodontic patients come to our office looking for an alternative to traditional retractive orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign and Clear Aligners at Integrative Dental

Invisalign/clear braces

The use of Invisalign and other clear aligner brands, has grown in the past few decades as these new technologies offer an extremely effective alternative to traditional braces. In fact, the word Invisalign has become synonymous with straight teeth for adults. Learn more about straightening your smile with clear braces in Littleton from Invisalign >

Invisalign and clear aligners are preferable to traditional wire braces for the following reasons:

• They are nearly invisible, almost entirely eliminating any distraction from your face and smile.
• They are removable giving you more control over when and where you want to wear them.
• Unlike traditional braces, there are minimal associated dietary restrictions with clear aligners. Any of these suggested restrictions can be eliminated even further by temporarily removing the aligners while eating “forbidden” foods.
• There are no obstructions while flossing or brushing as the Invisalign can be removed during your oral hygiene regimen.
• They are comfortable to wear. We take great care and precision when custom molding them to fit your mouth perfectly.
• They are discreet yet simultaneously highly effective in obtaining the desired results. Making clear braces a viable option for most adults. 

Exploring All Options at Integrative Dental

For adolescents & kids, Dr. Bieneman and Dr. Wecker advocate for developing the jaws forward in the face. Forward facial growth leads to a stronger profile, optimized airway, healthier jaw joints and a broad smile that is complete to the corners of the mouth. For most adults, crooked teeth can be a symptom of TMJ problems and/or sleep related breathing disorders including Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

When a new patient comes into our Littleton dental office wanting straight teeth, we are committed to not only helping them achieve that beautiful smile they are looking for; we are also dedicated to helping them gain a higher level of overall wellness and oral health. When it comes to orthodontics, our primary goals are to protect the size of the airway and to prevent causing any harm to the jaw joints (TMJ’s); to generate enough space for the tongue to rest easily in the mouth; and to create the optimal facial balance and pleasing facial appearance. We use a combination of braces or clear aligners, along with other orthodontic interventions in our Littleton dental office in order to surpass our patients’ expectations and ensure that each individual who visits our office receives the utmost level of care.

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