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The Best Solution for Missing Teeth

Natural in both appearance and feel, dental implants have revolutionized restorative dentistry over the last 20 years. They offer superior success rates to other methods and are our preferred method for patients.  

Implants are the Leading Alternative to Removable Bridges and  Dentures

In the past, bridges or removable dentures were the preferred method used to replace missing teeth. However, bridges often have negative repercussions for surrounding teeth, causing further oral health issues instead of a desirable permanent solution.

Today, dental implants are used for patients who have adequate bone mass to support the implant. All that’s required prior to treatment is an x-ray and CT-scan to evaluate the size and type of implant that will work best for you.

Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants

Here are the main benefits of choosing implants over other methods:

  • Improved Appearance – Implants are placed on a titanium cylinder in your gums, replicating the appearance of your natural teeth and giving you a natural looking smile.
  • Reduced Bone Loss – Once a tooth is lost, the bone structure that once supported it will recede. An implant will reduce bone absorption while offering stability to implants.
  • No Negative Repercussions for Surrounding Teeth – Unlike bridges, implants are independent units designed to keep the rest of your smile looking great!

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