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Kids Airway orthodontics

Orthotropics® - The Gold Standard of Facial Growth Guidance

Orthotropics® uses removable appliances to improve resting oral posture and advance the jaws in the face. When the treatment is successful it creates a larger airway, healthier jaw joints, a stronger profile and a broad smile that is complete to the corners of the mouth.

“After years and years of learning every possible technique I could find for growing and developing the adolescent face, I have landed on Orthotropics® as my gold standard for facial growth and airway development. When patients and families “buy in” to this technique, it allows me to open up the airway and develop the profile like no other treatment I’ve ever seen.”
Dr. James Bieneman DDS

Watch videos of parents and patients who were treated with Orthotropics®:

How Orthotropics® Works
Custom made dental appliances are used to help each child grow to their optimal
genetic potential. The expansion and advancement of the upper and lower jaws
achieved through Orthotropics® should be painless. Orthotropics® work best between the
ages of 7 and 10 when children are still growing. Orthotropics® requires a significant
amount of patient and family cooperation. For that reason, the treatment is not a good
fit for everyone.

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