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DNA, Vivos, Pre-formed & Other Appliances

Goals First, Appliance Selection Second

The end goals of a healthy airway and proper facial development are more important than the tool that we use to get there.  Different tools are better suited for some goals than others.  Every patient is different.  We customize our treatment for your unique situation. We often use more than one appliance or tool during the course of treatment. 

Appliances That Can Support Forward Facial Growth & Healthy Airway Development Under The Right Circumstances

There are many appliances that can be used to help open the airway and develop the jaws forward in the face. Some names you may recognize are: DNA, Vivos, Homeblock, Forward Growth Guidance appliance (FGGA), Removable Anterior Growth Guidance appliance (RAGGA/AGGA), ALF and Crozats. These are all specific appliances that can be used in patients to help open their airway. 

Limitations of Pre-formed Appliances

There are also a variety of systems on the market being taught to dentists that use preformed appliances to treat growth problems. Some of these systems include Vivos, Myobrace and Healthy Start (formerly OrthoTain).  These systems use preformed appliances to try and correct the improper oral habits that led to the unfavorable growth while at the same time working to correct tooth and jaw position. There are similarities and differences between each of these systems but the underlying theme of these systems is that patients will wear these preformed appliances all night and for a few hours during the day. While these systems may encourage some growth, my experience has been that superior results can be achieved through the use of customized appliances as well as a customized treatment plan that is created for each child. No two children are the same which is why no two treatment plans should be the same.

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